Photos and presentations

 2012 – Global and Medical Consequences of Nuclear Disasters, Asaf Durakovic, Iraq 2012

2011 – Quantitative Analysis of Four Uranium Isotopes in the Persian Gulf Wars, Afghanistan, and Gaza, Asaf Durakovic, Moscow Russia, ICI7

2007 – Radio-Biological Study Findings for Port Hope, Ontario, Asaf Durakovic, Ontario, Parliamentary Press Gallery


2006 – Burdening Port Hope, Tedd Weyman, October


2006 – The Analysis of Uranium Isotopes Abundance and Ratios in the Civilian Population of Eastern Afghanistan, Asaf Durakovic, Frank Klimschewski, Isaac Zimmerman, WFNMB

2004 – Deadly Dust, Frieder Wagner, Germany

2004 – Uranium Contamination of Iraq and Afghanistan and the Health Consequences of Radiological Warfare (Presentation), Asaf Durakovic, India

2003- Health Consequences of Radiological Warfare, Asaf Durakovic, Sweden

2002 – The Decade of Depleted Uranium,  Asaf Durakovic, Patricia Horan, Leonard Dietz

2002 – Depleted Uranium Concentraion in the Lungs of Allied Forces’ Gulf War Veterans at the Time of Exposure, Asaf Durakovic, Santiago Chile

2000 – Quantitative Analysis of Uranium Isotopes in British, Canadian, and United States Gulf War Veterans , Asaf Durakovic, Paris, EANM.