UMRC Research Associate, Dr Marcel Valdes PhD, publishes ground-breaking research on determination of effective radiation level on the cell from inhalational exposure of alpha emitters, April 2009

Estimating the Lung Burden from Exposure to Aerosols of Depleted Uranium.

Valdes, Marcel (2009) Radiation Protection Dosimetry. 134: 1, 23-29

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Following exposure to aerosols of depleted uranium (DU), biological samples show the presence of a synthetic mixture of natural uranium and DU. By partitioning the uranium in the 24-h urine sample along the isotopic fractions of natural uranium and DU, one can study the kinetics of these subpopulations independently. A linear model is developed to estimate the lung burden of DU from measurements of DU in 24-h urine samples, years after inhalational exposure to aerosols of DU. This model takes into account the intracellular dissolution of the retained particles and the precipitation of a significant fraction of the dissolved DU as insoluble uranyl phosphates.