11. Invitation to scientists and clinical researchers

The test of efficacy of all scientific research is its “repeatability”. UMRC encourages and supports the principle of critical and rigorous scientific examination. We invite professional and sincere co-operation with organizations and individuals sharing our commitment to research and investigations into uranium internal contamination. We invite researchers to examine and replicate our published studies, measurements, methodologies and statistical analysis of radio-isotopic concentrations, compositions and ratios. We encourage others to collect and examine corroborating biological specimens taken from exposed populations and geological samples taken from sites that may be the source of contamination.

To be reliable and accurate, replication of UMRC’s studies must be conducted on equipment, using methods sufficiently sensitive to detect nano and picogram levels of uranium in biological samples and clinical specimens. US DOD and Canadian DND studies admittedly can only detect uranium at much higher (microgram) concentrations. Attempts to repeat our research without sufficiently sensitive equipment and established methods to prepare the samples, calibrate the equipment and measure the isotopes do not constitute replication.

Methodology and procedural information are available to researchers by contacting UMRC directly and by reviewing UMRC’s published papers and society presentations. All collaborative research with UMRC is conducted under the auspices of agreements between UMRC and the principal researchers and laboratories. UMRC has published its methodology and provides direction to researchers and laboratories to ensure effective methods of analysis..