How to Support UMRC

UMRC conducts independent scientific research into the medical, biological, community and ecological conditions and consequences of contamination by uranium and transuranics.

It is UMRC’s firm belief that the best contribution it can make to the scientific study of uranium contamination and its effects is to remain independent of government, industry and institutions. In this way we are at arm’s length of political, financial and employment pressures and expectations that may otherwise interfere with objectivity.

Understanding what we do (and don’t do)

UMRC is not a “uranium bioassay or diagnostic laboratory”. We work with selected populations (i.e. civilian and armed forces) who become involved as “study participants”. In exchange for participating in our studies, we provide each participant (and or his or her representative, physician, etc.) diagnostic and medical information derived about them though the study. Typically but not always, the information provided involves laboratory study finding of eh content and species of uranium in their bodies; determining if they are contaminated, determining by forensic analysis, the sources and types of contamination, and supplying them with information and advice regarding uranium and health and the biological and medical effects of contamination.


UMRC’s studies of environments, individuals and communities affected by/contaminated by uranium, whether from industrial or weapons sources, is compiled, analyzed and presented for peer review to various international scientific and professional conferences, journals and publications. This establishes the facts and knowledge about uranium and its affects in the scientific and professional literature to inform medical and scientific fields. This furthers the understanding the multigenerational, negative consequences of environmental and human contamination by uranium and transuranics from commercial, industrial and military application.

UMRC will provide copies of our research data, abstracts, publication and presentations on a case by case request. We do not sell this work but we may require financial assistance to print copies for you. Contact the Administrative Coordinator or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


UMRC relies on funding from private and personal sources to carry out its field, laboratory, environmental, community and desk research, its presentations and distribution of its findings, and the operation of the organization. UMRC staff and trustees are volunteers. Our staff personally funds the administrative overhead of the organization and their departments.

No “fees for service”

No study participant or patient is charged a fee for service. We may require study participants to pay for the direct and feed-through costs of the laboratory analysis of uranium bioassays. No share of this fee is retained by UMRC, nor is any staff member associated with any participants’ or patients’ projects paid or remunerated for the work with that participant or community.

As a research organization, UMRC welcomes and offers opportunity for academic and professional development and is a base for PhD students and post-doctoral research. On a project by project basis, students and researchers may be provided stipends and project funding to enable them to dedicate their time and finance their overhead. Projects may involve our staff or associates travelling and living away from home. Their overhead may off-set if donation revenues and gifts permit this. Communities or other non-profit organizations may occasionally sponsor a project or study and fund its overhead.

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