About UMRC

The Uranium Medical Research Centre (UMRC) is an independent non-profit organization founded in 1997 to provide objective and expert scientific and medical research into the effects of uranium, transuranium elements, and radionuclides produced by the process of uranium decay and fission. UMRC is also a registered charity in the United States and Canada.


UMRC’s vision for the world is a full awareness of the risks of using nuclear products and by-products AND to contain the still reversible alterations of the earth’s biosphere since the advent of nuclear events and the resulting contamination.

There needs to be an appreciation of the enormous effects and damage of uranium on the environment and human health. Governments, scientific communities, and the general public need to understand the many forms of contamination and specific effects. Continued abuses of uranium and radioisotopes will only lead to the steady degradation and eventual end of meaningful life on earth.


UMRC’s mission is to conduct and publish independent, objective, and expert scientific and medical research on the effects of uranium and transuranic elements.

Core Activities

UMRC’s core activities include: research, medical assessment, clinical treatment, and dissemination to scientific and medical communities.

Current and Past Logo

“Omnium rerum principis”
“The origin of all things”

Current Logo and concept (2011 – Present)

Gutta lapidem cavat
A drop of water wears away the rock

Previous Logo (2007 – 2011)

Previous Logo (1997 – 2007)