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General Information

Our work depends on your active participation.

UMRC is actively engaged in pursuing biomedical and epidemiological research on how, where, and when uranium and depleted uranium exposure is contributing to illness. This is challenging and controversial work with much political opposition. Yet our organization is neither an advocacy nor an activist group.

We are a legally incorporated, not-for-profit scientific organization committed to accurate and less-biased scientific understanding for how uranium and transuranics cause or contribute to illness. We are free from any major political-economic conflict of interest.

UMRC manages (1) a public health screening program and (2) clinical evaluation for selected research projects and populations. We are NOT a uranium bioassay testing service, but we do provide diagnostic information and consultation as part of our research continuity. UMRC’s laboratory and clinical analysis is done in conjunction with specific and ongoing research projects. We are not a diagnostic service.

You or someone you know may qualify to participate in UMRC research. If you or someone you know has been exposed to uranium, depleted uranium or transuranics – please consider registering as a participant to help UMRC better understand this important and growing public health hazard..