Port Hope Biological Studies

Health Canada Suppresses Study Finding (Toronto Press conference), Port Hope CHCC, 2007      [View Article]

UMRC corrects Minister of Health on Uranium Contamination in Port Hope, Tedd Weyman, 2008   [View Article]

Human Contamination by Radioactive Materials in Ontario Town, Tedd Weyman, CHCC, 2007    [View Article]

The Quantitative Analysis of Uranium Isotopes in the Population of Port Hope (Poster) Asaf Durakovic, Axel Gerdes, Isaac Zimmerman, EANM, 2007    [View Abstract]     [View Poster]


Radio-Biological Study Findings for Port Hope, Ontario, Asaf Durakovic, Ontario, Parliamentary Press Gallery, 2007


Burdening Port Hope (Presentation), Tedd Weyman, October 2006