10. Accuracy of studies and literature about uranium internal contamination

Because of the complexity of the science and the controversial nature of the public policy issues surrounding uranium (Depleted Uranium, Nondepleted Uranium and uranium adulterated with transuranics), media and other reports frequently contain exaggerations and mistaken conclusions not substantiated by scientific knowledge or research. UMRC’s review of governmental studies, reports and standards reveal significant limitations in assumptions and conclusions. Deficiencies are particularly evident in the areas of:

  • The metabolic pathways of uranium contaminate entering the body via inhalation.
  • The biological and dose effects of internally incorporated, low-level ionizing radiation;
  • The scientific methods of detecting and measuring uranium concentrations and isotopic ratios in biological specimens;
  • The radio-biological processes of chronic, long term internal exposure; and,
  • The ballistic and biospheric transport phenomenon and vectors of exposure of military personnel and civilians of inhalable uranium particulate.